Essentially this blog is all about me (yep, feed my ego, heh heh…).  It’s an attempt to return to writing to hone my skills and share my thoughts with whoever will read them.

As for me — well, I’m not easy to know, I’m “complicated” (ie. psycho). I’m a bit of everything, a contradiction oftentimes… I’m the scientist and the artist, the idealist and the realist (or the optimist and pessimist), the logical and the passionate, the people-lover and the people-hater… ambivalent is a good word for me.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Miss Bo-Incog, Hey.
    Your self-designated binaries seem to me to make for a whole person. I bet you could conjure up several more that are valid for you. How about genuine-sweet/pretend-bitchy?


  2. lol — aw, you’re sweet… (goddamn you… heh heh, had to throw in the bipolar there…)

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