Damn Emotion

(one of my many wrote-itself depressive poems, this one from years back… but it still applies.)

I want to stop feeling
It only ever hurts
Leaves me tired and reeling
And at a loss for words

Reach into my head
And remove what gives me heart
I want to feel dead
Instead of torn apart

Find the amygdala, rip it out
Other guilty neurons too
They are responsible, no doubt
For my tears, depression, and rue

But then what will remain?
A shell, a casing for an absent soul
Incapable of compassion, joy, or pain
A biological machine that will never be whole

So instead leave my neurons in tact
Why should I exist if I feel not a thing?
I suppose depression is for me a simple fact
And I need those neurons for the good life may bring.


~ by bohemianincognito on 2014 October 30.

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