an angry agnostic, haha…

So I was emailing a friend back this morning, after he sent me to reddit to check it out, and thought I’d post it here, as it was a bit of a clarification of my beliefs & my issue with atheists:

i found the initial disjointedness of the home page a little “argh!” for my inherent orderly-lovingness, haha, but i checked it out… searched for “agnosticism” for kicks…

and realized what a bunch of haters most atheists are!  haters of agnostics, that is… that they really don’t get the stance at all, that they’re tied to black & white belief/non-belief thinking…????  kinda reminds me of the life of pi…

an article linked said this:

“Atheists assign the probability of god’s existence to be infinitesimally close to zero. I doubt that the lack of commitment by agnostics to god’s existence or non-existence means that they assign 50% probability to each option. Agnostics clearly think that god’s non-existence is far more likely than his existence.”

i mean, wtf???  says who?  i really do feel more 50/50 on the whole thing, mostly ’cause i realize i’m limited to my 5 senses and there’s a vast universe of possibility that i can only tap into with my biased senses & brain.  then again, i’m also the type that will consider that an apple is only an apple because we understand it as such, but some other being with different sensory organs (and ability to digest) may experience it totally differently.  or a worm, for that matter.  that’s where philosophy starts to take over, haha…

i guess, atheist or theist, 99% of people prefer black & white to grey, and living within the limits of our own senses and experience rather than considering infinite possibilities.  but i’d be part of the 1% who prefer grey.  possibilities are far more entertaining than absolute knowledge.

thanks for indirectly making me angry this morn, danno.  ;D  maybe i’ll check out a diff topic there next time, haha…

Yep, the whole “agnostics are just cowardly atheists who are afraid of admitting it because of what others may think” idea prevalent in most of the reddit threads on this topic (& linked articles) REALLY REALLY irked me.  Like I’ve ever been afraid to debate and explain my beliefs to others, regardless of their stance.  Why are people so ignorant as to not actually ASK people why they hold such beliefs before they choose to judge them or assume they know why?

<sigh>  Atheists who believe all agnostics are just cowardly atheists can go to hell.  (even if they don’t believe in it, haha)


~ by bohemianincognito on 2010 May 15.

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